Outbound Marketing for Real Estate: what you Need to Know

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The processes between marketing and sales of real estate, such as https://www.skymarketing.com.pk/rawalpindi/blue-world-city/ , evolve according to market requirements and people’s behavior. So, it is normal to have new technologies and methodologies always available.

So today, we are going to talk about one of them, which is precisely outbound marketing for real estate.

Here, we will explain in a simple way what outbound is, the benefits of using this strategy, how to start a process within your real estate, and the tools available in the market for this.

What is Outbound Marketing for Real Estate?

Outbound Marketing
Outbound Marketing

Simply put, outbound marketing for real estate is an active prospecting process to approach potential customers who match your ideal customer profile.

In the case of real estate companies that work with a complex sale, such as Sky Marketing, a long sales process, and a high ticket (sale value of a property), outbound remains a good strategy.

However, instead of investing in a team focused only on prospecting. You can reverse these costs at:

  • Sponsorship at events
  • Online ads
  • TV commercials
  • Real estate banner inside large portals

And all this is part of the outbound concept because you’re interrupting some of the lead’s natural experience for them to see your real estate.

The Benefits of Outbound Marketing for Real Estate

The main benefits found along the way with using outbound marketing strategies in real estate are:

  • Sales cycle reduction
  • Growth in open and response rates to emails
  • Greater engagement of leads throughout the process
  • Conversion rate growth

How the Outbound Process in Real Estate Works

Outbound Marketing
Outbound Marketing

Real estate has enormous potential to benefit from using outbound strategies.

Despite being a B2C company (company for end customers), as we said above, realtors work with complex sales, long buying processes, and high tickets.

Therefore, in an outbound marketing process for real estate, the process starts first with the lead research.

It then moves on to prospecting (via phone, email, or social media, for example).

Then, after connecting with the lead, the broker makes the qualification (if this potential customer is really within the profile and at the time of purchase) and works on lead nurturing from there.

Finally, after identifying that this is a lead that has the correct profile for your real estate company and is at the time of purchase, just follow the conventional process within the real estate service funnel.

Summing up the process we talked about above, it looks something like this:

  1. Search
  2. Prospection
  3. Connection
  4. Qualification
  5. Negotiation
  6. Sale – Signing the contract

Why Outbound was Left Out by Real Estate?

What actually happened is that there has always been a great lack of tools and platforms aimed exclusively at outbound marketing processes, which in turn made it very difficult to execute.

Meanwhile, the technology market was very focused on developing platforms for Inbound Marketing.

But when outbound proved its worth, several companies developed software and tools that help other companies, including real estate companies, measure their strategies.

In addition to predicting revenue and mainly gaining scale in the stages of the process.

When is it Worth Using Outbound Marketing in Real Estate?

We can list some scenarios in which using prospecting strategies ends up being more advantageous than inbound marketing strategies.

However, it is worth remembering that the use of one strategy does not exclude the possibility of using the other. 

When you Need a Faster Turnaround

We know that inbound marketing strategies do not bring immediate results.

Although they are essential for the growth of a real estate company (or any other company).

Often when a real estate company is new to the market and does not have any source of income, it needs the result to appear faster.

Therefore, using outbound marketing strategies for real estate in the first few months makes perfect sense.

When you have many Profiles of Clients Ideal for the Real Estate

If you have a real estate company that works with a very wide variety of properties. You will certainly find different personas (ideal customer profile). For example:

  • Anyone looking to buy a property financed by the MCMV does not have the same profile as someone looking for a luxury property;
  • Those looking for Studio do not have the same profile as a family looking for a 3-bedroom apartment

And so on, I think I figured out where I’m going.

So, if you only adopt an inbound marketing strategy for real estate, in this case, you’ll need to create a logic to grab the attention of all your audiences or to direct the right audience to the right solution.

Therefore, to make it easier, in this case, you can (and should) use properly aligned outbound and inbound strategies to reach all kinds of ideal audiences for your real estate company.

Does it make sense?

The Difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing for Real Estate

Inbound and outbound are two different marketing strategies.

While inbound seeks to arouse customer interest through content, outbound is more traditional and seeks to attract the attention of potential buyers through advertisements or interventions such as prospecting.

Therefore, we can say that while inbound seeks to attract leads passively, outbound is a little more aggressive and seeks to bring leads actively.

However, it is best to use the two aligned strategies. In a Y-type funnel (as it’s called in marketing). Where both inbound and outbound walk in opposite directions. But with the same final purpose.

To Put Into Practice Outbound Marketing in Real Estate

To carry out a successful outbound marketing strategy, you need to define:

  • How will customer prospecting be done?
  • What will be the cadence flow used

Example of Cadence Flow for Real Estate Companies

  • What forms of communication will be used (phone, email, Whatsapp)
  • Who will do the prospecting?
  • What tools will be used in the process?

What are the Best Outbound Marketing Tools for Real Estate?

The best way to achieve operational efficiency is to take advantage of the best tools on the market.

Because with them, you can build an ideal customer profile, capture data about leads, enrich your lists with valid information, etc.

Linkedin Sales Navigator, Reev, Skrapp, Get ProspectCapture lead data on social networks
Snov.io, FindThatLeadCapture lead data on social networks and websites
Hunter, UleadCapture lead data to enrich more information
Proof, Sales Navigator for GmailValidation of email addresses

Some interesting data for you:

“80% of sales need at least 5 follow-ups. However, 44% of salespeople give up after the 2nd attempt.”


“According to a study by Outbound Marketing, in Pakistan, the conclusion is that at least 8 connection points with a potential customer will be necessary within a cadence flow”.


“Mixed flows (with more than one form of interaction with leads) convert 5 times more than simple flows (only one communication channel).”

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